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Administration of Medication, Food Supplements, Modified Diets

  • Program will administer medication.

  • School age children will be permitted to carry their own medications

  • The parent must complete and sign box one of the ODJFS form “Request for Administration of Medication”

  • Licensed physician, Licensed dentist, advanced practice Nurse or certified physician’s assistant must complete and sign box two of ODJFS form for prescribed medication (unless see next bullet)

  • Medication that is stored in the original container with prescription label that includes the child’s full name, a current dispensing date within the previous twelve months, exact dosage, and directions for use, box two of the ODJFS from does not need to be completed.

  • Parent completes and sign box one of the ODJFS form for non-prescription medications, food supplements, or medical foods.

  • If a special diet or food supplements are required parents must obtain a physician written instructions

  • First dose of all medications will be required to be given by parents.


School Age Children and Medication

  • Program will administer medication.

  • All Medication will be received from parent and with parent’s written consent, school age children enrolled in program will be permitted to carry and administer their own medication

  • Medication will be stored with child’s name in locked box and stored out of reach of children

Management of Illness

  • I will provide care to sick children.

  • If child becomes sick/ill (fever, diarrhea, runny nose, coughing) during care the child will be isolated away from other children

  • Child will be provided with cot, bed, or the sick infant with a playpen

  • Child will remain within sight or hearing at all times

  • Child will be made comfortable

  • Parent will be notified

  • Immediate notification will be given to parents if the child’s condition worsens

  • Launder bedding and wash toys used by the sick child before use by another child

  • Sanitize the thermometer after each use.


Return Policy for Children Who Have Been SICK

  • If child contracts a communicable disease, Communicable Disease Chart will be followed along with incubation periods and return note from DOCTOR will be needed.

  • Child may return to program after 24 hours, when symptom free (No cough, runny nose, no fever, no diarrhea, without provider medicating)

  • Return note from DOCTOR will be needed

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