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​Enrollment Procedures &

Required Information for Enrollment 

Enrollment is done all year on a first come first serve bases, as space allows.


Orientation is Mandatory and An Enrollment packet must be completed.

Parents are required to complete the following forms at the time of enrollment before a child can attend the program:

  • Child Enrollment and Health Information

  • Medical / Physical Care Plan (if child has a specific health condition)

  • Request to administration of medication (if applicable)

  • Liability Statement

  • Parents will also be required to submit medical statement within 30 days of admission, unless child has started school (kindergarten and above)

  • A medical statement must be updated every 13 months from exam date.

  • Any changes to the information must be communicated immediately so that current information is always on file.

  • Enrollment packets and forms will be updated as needed


Policy on Care of Children Without Immunizations.

I will care for children without immunizations (there will be a reason statement to sign) *Parents are required to submit a written statement that he or she has declined to immunize against communicable diseases for reasons of conscience and/or religious conviction.

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