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Hi my name is Inca Manningham, CEO and Owner of I LOVE…LLC I have a long history in childcare and education. I am a mother, sister, grandmother, and a wife. I understand the hardships that life brings and I am here to help! That is why I LOVE… is known as a “Family Experience!” I want you and your children to succeed. I have often been considered as, “The Go To Person” for resources and I will share this knowledge with your family.


I have lived in Cleveland, Ohio my entire life. My last job, before owning a family Childcare business, was with Euclid City School District. My position consisted of entering, proofing, and properly coding all special education and withdrawal data, for submission to the state and federal funding departments. I kept track of reporting deadlines, expired IEPs, ETRs, NIEPs, TIEPs, especially when they were adopted. Lastly, I solved errors from reports and reentered them.


I believe my previous employer, Case Western Reserve University, prepared me for this proofing and document authentication position with Euclid Schools. The first two years at Case Western Reserve University, I was a visiting students’ coordinator, and I really enjoyed it. I worked with medical students from all over the world. My job was to arrange rotations with Cleveland’s major hospitals for senior medical students. I accepted applications, authenticated legal documents, prepared arrangements for the students stay, collected fees, organized and created reports for auditing. I managed to arrange at least 200 students a year. During our slow period, I created transcripts, created and edited classes in the system, uploaded information for Case’s medical students on to the government medical match system ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service), and some admissions work.


My last job at CWRU consists of all segments of the graduate students’ experience in The Department of Biochemistry. I was responsible of compiling, authenticating, and housing students’ application and documents. When a student applies, I arrange their flights, hotel, itinerary, meetings, and their reimbursements if need be during interview time. When a decision is made, I am to update the system, contact the Graduate School Department, and the student. If accepted, I have to arrange stipends, tuition, housing, tax forms, social security forms for a number, and meet with them if there are any other concerns. I prepare information for other departments for auditing. Finally, I have attended meetings to become a Safe Zone resource person for students with alternative lifestyles. I am still greeted and contacted by students, doctors, and hospital personal about the medical school.

  I plan to bring this many years of administration,  professionalism , and knowledge to you and your family!

Thank you for considering me to care for your family

Family Safety





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